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We have added new products! "Starter Set"

We've started carrying assorted sets of small bottles (300ml)!

They're just the right size to drink all at once, and are also easy to store in the fridge.
You can try a different kind of sake depending on your mood each day.
They're great for sampling different kinds of craft sake a little at a time, as conversation starters with friends and family, or as luxurious gifts for sake-loving friends.

Product Detail

Award-Winning Sake Starter Set [6bottles]

Award-Winning Sake Starter Set

We've only included brands that have received the seal of approval from international sommeliers and wine enthusiasts.
The bottles in this assortment are all small, so it's especially recommended for sake beginners looking for an easy way to find a sake they like.
Find your favorite sake with this starter set.

「Award-Winning Sake Starter Set [6bottles]」

Discovery Sake Starter Set [6bottles]

Discovery Sake Starter Set

We have gone on a quest to find and feature all the craft Sake made by microbreweries all over Japan.
Recommended for people who would like to indulge and enjoy a small taste of various breweries all at once.
Enjoying them in small sips with food pairings is also another great way to indulge.

「Discovery Sake Starter Set [6bottles]」

SAKEYOI Starter Set [12bottles]

SAKEYOI Starter Set


This assorted set includes SAKEYOI's entire lineup of 12 small bottles for you to enjoy in the one purchase. If you can't decide what to buy, this is it!

「SAKEYOI Starter Set [12bottles]」

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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.



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